Nutrition has direct correlations to your quality of life

Gail_Solway_057We know that what you eat affects how you feel. And, you’ve likely heard the headlines from the growing body of research that recognizes the unique benefits of different foods — from blueberries to kale to wild salmon. But sorting which foods to select and what to avoid in order to mitigate your symptoms can be a daunting task.

Food affects each of us in unique ways

For some of us, eating a cheese pizza means an enjoyable evening with a comfort food. For others, it means leaving us in pain. How our bodies respond to different foods is a result of a complex combination of genetics, dietary history, and other lifestyle and environmental factors.

Standard guidelines for a healthy diet can benefit many people. But, when it comes to creating a plan that targets specific symptoms of chronic disease or dietary conditions, general guidelines created for the general public often don’t address the underlying issues of an individual’s condition.

As a Certified Nutritional Specialist and Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, I will help you align the most powerful foods to your unique physiology to maximize their benefit in improving your health.  


When to choose supplements

As a pharmacist, I have expertise and knowledge in using supplements. While I definitely recommend supplements in some cases when the deficiencies are great, I’m a strong advocate for real, whole nutrient-dense food.

Real food delivers more for less

Our body processes nutrients from real foods more effectively with a synergistic effect between the multiple nutrients available in food compared to nutritional supplements. And, dietary supplements can be expensive. Since you will be eating either way, it makes sense to receive the nutrients you need in your meals, whenever possible — it costs less and benefits you more!

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