Functional nutrition is one element
of a broad view of health

Functional nutrition is an essential component of functional medicine — a growing movement that takes a more systems-oriented, patient-centered view of prevention and care to look at the root causes of chronic conditions. Put simply, it recognizes that many factors are shown to affect our health. Our mental health, diet, lifestyle, environmental factors, genetics, medications and more all impact our vulnerability to illness and our ability to recover.

As a pharmacist, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, I apply a broad skillset to carefully assess what my clients report about their symptoms and other relevant factors of their life experience. I listen closely to my clients’ entire story, and through consulting and coaching, develop a partnership in the process towards transformation and achievement of optimal health.

Food nourishes the pathways to health

We experience injury, illness and disease through symptoms. For example, a headache is not a condition. It’s a symptom — our body telling us something is wrong.

When you take a pain-reliever, it doesn’t really “stop the pain.” Your body is still injured and sending signals; it simply blocks the brain’s ability to receive them. Many modern pharmaceuticals work the same way — whether reducing mental anxiety, cholesterol, or cravings — they aren’t addressing the cause; they are often masking symptoms.

A nutrition intervention takes the opposite approach by feeding, rather than blocking, these pathways in order to give the body what it needs to improve health. It strengthens your bodies’ biochemical pathways and is designed to reduce or eliminate symptoms by targeting the root cause.

pearThe goal is to find the right tools for personal health and freedom

As a pharmacist, I believe there are many times where a particular medication is the best tool to address a health issue — especially for an immediate danger or high-risk condition. But I have deep concerns about the overuse of pharmaceuticals and long-term dependency on them.

As a nutritionist, I believe that whenever lifestyle and nutrition changes can prevent, reduce or eliminate dependency on medications, we should implement a “food first” plan. Not only can nutrition address symptoms and the causes of a condition, a nutrient rich diet will improve overall health and well-being over the course of your life!


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