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Functional nutrition is intently focused on you as an individual and taking the time to understand the many unique factors that affect your health. It’s a long way from the stereotypical approach of “take two of these and call me in the morning.” I provide comprehensive one-on-one diet and nutrition consultations with clients in Ann Arbor and surrounding communities.

Personalized nutrition empowers you to step into wellness

Every client is unique. Some already know that they have a particular sensitivity to certain foods or need to add specific nutrients to their diet but have hit a roadblock in their progress. Others are just beginning to explore how food and nutrition affects their broader health. I begin with where you are.

Typically, our first appointment will last 1-2 hours. We’ll discuss the symptoms you hope to address, which medications you’re taking, your diet, lifestyle, medical history, living and working environment and other relevant factors. Then we’ll set goals, create a personal plan and schedule times to check progress and make refinements as you begin your journey on the pathway to health.

21 days of discovery

plumHow quickly clients feel improvements varies from person-to-person, but we generally discover a lot by the end of the first three weeks. Many clients are able to reduce their dependency on medications, in consultation with their primary-care physician, within 1-3 months and report relief from symptoms and improved well-being during the same timeframe. The sooner we begin, the sooner you can reclaim your health!

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Gail Solway and client

“Working with Gail is great.  Not only is she intuitive, but she has a medical background as well. The cleanse we did was amazing … it totally worked.  A few smoothies, some fruit and vegetables, and I was on my way. It put me back in touch with my body.”


Ronit, Detroit, MI

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